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Grant Writing Workshops

9/21/2021 12:08:00 PM


In 2021, K-State Research and Extension Grant-writing workshops went online.

The online workshop is designed to be presented to participants in two 3-hour courses and will cost $60. Local Extension agents are the hosts for the workshops, but since workshops are online, you can attend any workshop in the state. There are two ways to participate go to our website ( and under "Events" on the right side you can register at a scheduled workshop or ask your local extension agent to host.

The workshops are based on the same workshop that has been conducted statewide to more than 1,700 participants in 60 local communities. In-person workshop participants who responded to a survey 6-12 months after their grant workshop (36% response), reported writing $48.5 million of grants with $24.8 million of successful grants.

For more information, contact Nancy Daniels

Grant Writing Workshops

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